WWE 2K18 PSP, Android/PPSSPP by GamerNafZ v1.35.02 – Download Link & How to Install


If you want to show in your channel, give link of this video… don’t give mirror or download links. Thanks.

WWE 2K18 for PSP, Android and PC via PPSSPP, is a modified game version of WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2011, released in 2010 for PSP. This is a total conversion.

This mod is continuously updating and improving, but as its a large file, i can’t update very often, subscribe to see the previews of next update features. Also give suggestion for a better patch.

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Download Link:

Single Link:(1.20 GB)



Whats New in v1.35:

*Total of 85 Wrestlers, Hundreds of Attires.
*Different Selection Pics for Different Attires.
*More slots in Divas Screen.
*Fixed Some Issues.
*RAW 2018 and Wrestlemania 34 Custom Arena (similar to Original WWE 2K18 Game) Added.
*Royal Rumble won’t work from v1.35.

* Complete roster matching with WWE 2K18 release.
* Original WWE 2K18 Selection Pics.
* Divas included and Updated Attires.
* All 2017 arenas.
* Fixed Stats for Latest Rosters, including Overalls, Brands and Champions.
* All wrestlers’ entrance movie and musics are updated.

If I miss anyone, feel free to remind me. Thanks.

Many many thanks to Sir eatrawmeat391 whose tools made this patch possible. Special thanks to Empire S.S., who helped me a lot when I was a beginner, AND many many thanks to Finn for giving some his wrestler models for my patch..

Wrestler Models Used Till Now
* Broken L.J. – Finn Bálor, Finn Bálor (Demon), Samoa Joe, Steve Austin.
* Finn – Brock Lesner, Sheamus, AJ Styles
* DX2009 – Bray Wyatt
* Jordan – Shinsuke Nakamura
* Crocox111 – Undertaker ’00 2nd Attire

Wrestler Models Converted from PS2 Model
? Bilz Butt – Paige, Chris Jericho, John Cena, Batista, Booker T, Roman Reigns, CM Punk
? Lunatic Fringe – Baron Corbin, Sting, Goldberg, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Triple H, The Rock
? OTTO – Nikki Bella, Chad Gable
? Jayglass – Brie Bella (Face Texture)
? Cixxo – Luke Gallows, Asuka

Arena Model Used Till Now
? Empire S.S. – RAW 2018 Arena.
? Fire Max – Money in the Bank Arena.
? TOM – Wrestlemania 34 Base Arena.
? Kick101 – NXT Arena

Tutorials that helped me in this patch till now.
? Modding SvR 2011 [PSP] by Amaan.
? Arena C8.Pac File Textures Description by Bilz Butt
? Adding extra files in pac file by dadydodo
? How to use eatrawmeats Unmirror tools for psp by Vinay1
? Full Files Items List What contains what description. by Amaan
? SVR 11 EVTOBJ id by Big Evil
? Music and Titantron Ids from Here
? NYUJYOX id’s by Buda942

? EatRawMeat391 for all his unbelievable tools. (svr11 save editor, pac editor, yobj tool, pac file adder, anim editor)
? THE PHENOMENAL TRUTH for helping in movesets.
? Vinay1, JNMM, Zaiko for So many help in different Things.
? Lucha Games, Mr. Shaz for Some Arena Textures.
? Crocox111 for SmackDown 2K14 Pre-Match Screen Base and Main Event Pre-Match Screen.
? Cenz-Tom for TITI.pac
? Victhrash34 for bpe compressor.
? BMK for at3 converter.
? SmackDownHotel site for many of the pics.
? nikethebike for SVR Roster Editor.
? GIM Converter.
? Tekken-X for X-Packer.
? nickworonekin for puyo tools.
? Henryk Rydgard for awesome PPSSPP emulator.

Nguồn: https://dangcapso.vn/

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  1. If you want to show in your channel, give link of this video… don't give mirror or download links. Thanks.

    Sorry for late upload. Mediafire was having problem.

    There is no final version my WWE 2K18. I am continuously improving and updating. So don't be sad if your favourite wrestler not in this update. I will try to add more in later updates. Thanks.

  2. Bro roman reigns n seth rollins texture is not good bt it is better in wwe 2k18 v 1.77 pliz fix it pliz. ……


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