Kitaro – Matsuri (live 1987)


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喜多郎 Kitaro – Reimei from Kojiki: A Story in Concert DVD

Kitaro is universally acknowledged as the founding architect of new age music. Kitaro’s various sound collaborations and resonant, multi-textured compositions truly defy the constraints of any genre. The Grammy and Golden Globe-winning artist has garnered global acclaim over a more than three decade long career with a signature sound and a pioneering fusion of cultures, techniques and spheres of consciousness that are truly his own.

Kojiki: A Story In Concert, Kitaro crafts this musical journey from the ancient chronicle (Kojiki) that recounts the birth of Japan and it’s people.  The video captures an evening from his 1990 world tour that features music from the classic Kitaro album Kojiki (nominated for a Grammy in 1990).  Kojiki: A Story In Concert is an intimate journey to inner realms as well as exotic earthly destinations.  This is a tour de force for Kitaro and his ensemble offering all the drama, grace and humanity performed with a profound spirit in this musical adaptation of legends from traditional Japanese folklore. Concurrently, the audio from the concert will be available to online digital retailers as well as a digital video single. 

Region: Region All

Song List
01.  Hajimari
02.  Sozo
03.  Koi
04.  Orochi
05.  Nageki
06.  Matsuri
07.  Reimei

Approximate Running Time: 55 Minutes

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  1. I want to download this music so that when I have time, I will open it for my students. If you have the standard version please give me. thank you very much!!!

  2. During my teenage, I was introduced Kitaro by my friends first and later listened to Yani live in Singapore. To me both are legends . I like percussions so maybe kitaro more

  3. bao năm rồi nghe lại vẫn hay. Nghe từ năm học lớp 6 nay đã năm 2 đại học giai điệu vẫn hùng hồn như năm xưa đúng là bản giao hưởng của đất trời….

  4. ,, first know u around 1996, when I'm 25,, and always look for 'Matsuri' whenever I miss u Sir,, !!
    Now April 19, 2020,, while have to stayed home due to Covid-19,, ur Matsuri remind me to my past,, closing my eyes,, and start to tap my feet and knock the chair with my fingertips as if I'm the one who behind the drums,,, !!!
    Arigato gozaimas Kitaro san,, u've introduced me to another beauty of instrument music,,
    may God always give u health n blessings,, 🙏😊
    Jakarta, 19Apr20,,,

  5. Mỗi lần nghe đến bản nhạc này, và nhắm mắt là y như rằng có một khoảng không gian rất đẹp. Nó là 1 ngọn núi lửa bên dưới chân là 1 hồ nước lớn, mặt hồ tĩnh lặng, cùng dãy rừng xanh ôm gọn chân núi thành 1 vòng. Đẹp lắm…

  6. по–моему он фанатик от музыки – только в хорошем смысле. очень нравится


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