If you want to have acne-free skin, go to Loan Nguyen spa (187)


If you want to have acne-free skin, go to Loan Nguyen spa (187)
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  1. Waay better job trying to empty the pores, and while I’m still nauseous over seeing the sebum-full gloves, at least it wasn’t falling all over the client’s face.

  2. 私の大好きな Loan “ acne treatment “ の動画のなかで1番好きだわ。見終わると気持ちが すっきりするのよ❗そして Loan の施術中にかかっている音楽が素晴らしい🎶 曲名が知りたい。

  3. I love watching her but I really would enjoy her videos more if the gloves were not so full it’s distracting does anybody else agree with me

  4. It seems this is the only Dr who has patience with the type of skin that produces SO MANY OIL PLUGS TO PLASTER THE GLOVES..ONLY TRUE PIMPLE POPPER..

  5. It’s so great watching your videos after watching your competitors because it so easy to say you are sooo much more thorough and do such a better job getting the clients face clear. Great job!!! 🥇🥇🥇✨🌟✨

  6. Loan you did a great job but I missed the popping of the blackheads around the lips. That part for me is the best. If you find you r not getting in all the areas people want to see then please make your vids longer. I know everyone would enjoy That!!!! KEEP SAFE 💖

  7. Loan, you are one of the best! And I love your new music of various artists. Your videos are fun to watch and nice to listen to. Thanks! God bless you!🙏☝️♥️😊

  8. Tôi không thể đối phó với những người xấu xa ngoài kia đang tìm cách đan vào bất cứ điều gì đã nói, ngay cả trong trò đùa. Họ không hiểu sự cố gắng yếu đuối của tôi về sự hài hước. Tôi xin lỗi nếu tôi đã gây ra nỗi đau cho bất cứ ai. Vậy là tạm biệt.


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