How to Play Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Online without Garena LAN 2020 | GameTV Plus (100% WORKING)


✅How to Play Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Online without Garena LAN on PC for FREE in 2020 (100% WORKING)

✅如何免费在电脑线上玩魔兽争霸III:冰封王座 | 2020| 无需Garena LAN |100%可行

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Garena正式杀死了LAN Game。在2008年和2009年,GG eSports平台(后来的Garena)成为全球许多业余和职业游戏玩家使用的电子竞技平台之一。拥有创建虚拟LAN的能力,诸如AoE之类的许多游戏或诸如DotA之类的WarCraft 3模组,口袋妖怪已成为许多游戏玩家美好回忆的一部分。毫不夸张地说,借助此平台,Garena以及许多当前的电子竞技主题蓬勃发展。

然而,12月30日,Garena在LAN Games主页上宣布,该功能将于2020年1月13日正式关闭。

此前,Garena还从LAN平台上分离了LAN Game,以升级到Garena PC。这是Garena致力于集中开发关键产品的举措,例如英雄联盟,Fifa Online 4,传说对决和Free Fire。

还有许多其他LAN Game平台,但Garena LAN Game仍然是最受欢迎的平台之一。另外,随着手机游戏或PC和游戏机上超配置游戏的快速发展,早期的丢失位置并被杀死的LAN游戏可能是可以理解的。但是,每一次离开都会后悔。感谢Garena LAN Game成为各国游戏社区童年记忆的一部分。

Garena officially killed LAN Game. In 2008 and 2009, the GG eSports platform, later Garena, became one of the esports platforms used by many amateur and professional gamers worldwide. Possessing the ability to create virtual LANs, many games like AoE or mods of WarCraft 3 like DotA, Pokemon has become a beautiful part of many gamers’ memories. No exaggeration, Garena as well as many current eSports subjects have flourished thanks to this platform.

However, on December 30, Garena announced on the LAN Games homepage that the feature will officially close on January 13, 2020.

Earlier, Garena also isolated LAN Game from the Garena plus platform to upgrade to Garena PC. This is a move of Garena to focus on developing key products such as League of Legends, Fifa Online 4, Arena of Valor and Free Fire.

There are many other LAN Game platforms but Garena LAN Game is still one of the most popular platforms. In addition, with the rapid development of mobile games or super-configuration games on PCs and consoles, the early LAN games that lost their place and were killed are probably understandable. However, every departure leaves regret. Thanks to Garena LAN Game for being a part of childhood memories of various countries’ gaming community.

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