Okay, let’s just hope it ends.
Help me in creating awareness across people about such online scams like Facebook Password Sniper.
Share this video with your friends, and warn them about such websites! They’re all fake.

If you see the comments about Facebook Password Sniper below this video, it means that this video is also affected by the Facebook Password Sniper spam. Let’s hope it will not. Spread this video!

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  1. Hey! Heard about the new Instagram TV? Let's have some fun there as well! Follow me at instagram.com/teja.techraj
    Will be posting some videos there soon! 😊

  2. Hey! Heard about the new Instagram TV? Let's have some fun there as well! Follow me at instagram.com/teja.techraj

    Will be posting some videos there soon! 😊

  3. In case the person you need to hack does not have a really long password, then you can use Feebhax to effortlessly hack the account. Look it up on Google 🙂

  4. Videos of this kind are so clearly fake that I cannot believe people today actually get fooled by like this. If you would like hack into anyone's fb account then definitely use Snapchat Hax0r. I'm not sure what the download link is, however I normally find it on one of the search engines (google) 🙂

  5. Thanks for this video.I have been cheating exactly like what u hve shown here by a website called facebook sniper .

  6. THIS IS FAKE!!! I have lost my time on tons of fake hack tools. The good news is, there was one that actually was working. It's called Feebhax and you may find it by a simple google search 🙂

  7. my account is hacked and the hacker has changed the password email also he has applied 2 factor authentication is there anyway to recover it?

  8. Just wanted to warn everybody about this video!!! It's fake and you must not listen to anything in it… But, if you would like to hack a facebook account, then you should surely use "Feebhax". You can find it on google if you would like to try it out !

  9. This version of the application isn't working any more. Right here is the latest version of the hack all you have to do is to search "Feebhax" in google.

  10. Is this clip for real? Looks so fake. If you want a working version of this hack tool simply make a search "Feebhax" in google.

  11. Guys, don't fall for the scams in the comment section or in the fake videos. Feebhax is the only working tool for hacking Facebook accounts. I found it on Google 🙂

  12. This video is useless. If you really need to hack someone's Facebook password, then you should use Feebhax. Google it

  13. I hacked my cousin with Feebhax, can't wait to mess with him for weeks. You may search for it on Google 😀

  14. Believe me guys this facebook sniper and feebhax thing is just to sponsor the app they are all fake… All the comments below are just copy-paste the app let us do..

  15. Do not let this guy to make fools out of you, this is clearly a scam. The only tool that worked for me is Feebhax! Search google to find it ! 🙂


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