Facebook Messenger for Windows Phone


Facebook has released their standalone Messenger app for Windows Phone. Watch our hands-on video to see how it looks on the Nokia Lumia Icon. More details: Subscribe to our Youtube channel:

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  1. I was really frustrated, with all this hack, but one of my friend who gave a contact number for google support technicians
    and they are very helpful. I reached them through ( 800-358-2146 ).

  2. Brother My Lumia is 720 I installed messenger but my messenger isn't open messenger said 620 affiliation is not member in this table I am so nervous can you tell me what can I do

  3. have a Lumia 550 and nstalled messenger BUT am not able to use the Call or vdeo chat , it was there then now ts not,

  4. Can someone guide me on how to make fb messenger work on lumia 925, have been struggling from last two days…any help would be much appreciated.

  5. Can it be that it shows I'm always active on facebook with messenger? Even when I'm loged out of facebook and not connected to internet friends see me as active. I looked up how to log out of messenger but that's way too complicated to do every time..

  6. Windows is horrible! Pick up your game if you guys want to stand a chance against android and apple


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