Facebook Lead Ads: A Complete Tutorial


If you want to build your email list fast, Facebook has made it really easy for you to promote your lead magnet to millions of your ideal customers. In this video, I’ll walk you through the steps you need to create highly converting Facebook lead ads.

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  1. Push notifications are amazing way to boost your traffic revenue! At the moment, I’m using MonadPlug push notifications and they are very easy tointegrate. Really simple addition to your ad formats, and you earn much more than before. I earn over $200 with MonadPlug push notifications of additional revenue on a monthly basis!

  2. Hi Wes, what is actually the difference between swipe file and ebook? Swipe file sound more cool nowadays? Or having image content instead of text? Because the main principle is the same or not?

  3. I don't get it.. about the "Download" button at the 'Thank you' screen.. Could it a auto-download of a (say) pdf file to the user's computer/phone on-click or only just a redirect to webpage of a URL entered in the "Website Link" of the 'Download' button

  4. I have a question 🌻
    What is the different between "business ID" and "account ID (persona ad account!)"
    I install a pixel on my website and that pixel belongs to my business ID!
    So, when I clicked on "create ad" it sent me to "business manager" !!!
    It's so complicated ='(
    I don't understand myself T.T
    Can you help me with that please 😭

  5. Thanks for the setup info, you explained it very nicely. Here are my results so you will have them, maybe this will help someone in some small way… Its been 30 days, and I spend $1800 over the last month thru Facebook leads ads, collected 3500 email addresses (using weight loss interests along with engaged buyers), so that was a success for sure. My lead magnet was green smoothies. I then painstakingly created & led them all thru a 21 day healthy recipe email sequence with 3-4 emails sprinkled in there to try to get them to convert into paying customers. One for Leptitox, which is a huge success on Clickbank (so I know people are buying it) and one for Healthy smoothie diet. NO ONE CONVERTED out of the 3500 subscribers with a 20% open rate. I am so frustrated and disappointed. What is the point of getting all these subscribers if no one converts? Even at 20% open rate, that's 700 people who were "exposed" to my email sequence. And if only .5% of the 700 converted, I would have had 3 sales. Nothing. I've already taken down my Facebook leads ad campaign and now about to delete my Aweber account. By the way, I tried reaching out to Aweber three times, once by phone and twice by email, and they never got back to me. Good customer service must not be a priority for them.

  6. Hi Wes. Great content. Learnt a lot. Can you explain something to me please? I get sending it to the CRM like mailchimp to deliver the lead magnet and then some autoresponder emails. How about if I have an affiliate link? Is there a separate way to send it to affiliate links. I am new to this.

  7. looking for someone to generate leads on facebooks for me!do you do that type of services?Am an insurance agent

  8. Thanks for this! My lead magnet is a mindful eating guide called "Freedom with Food: 7 Steps to Mindful Eating". After getting these set up in FB to get leads, I'm wondering why I'm using Leadpages then?

  9. Just what I was looking for. I was in the process of setting up my website for lead capture, and didn't know it could be done via Facebook too. Your videos are very clear, so you've got a new subscriber. 🙂

  10. Great Video! I had to watch it a few times too understand it and create my first Lead Ad. I only named it Test Ad.

  11. Hi Wes, big fan. Thank you for all your videos. They have been my YouTube YoUniversity haha so I did this step by step, and got a total of 15 leads in just 2 days. Great right? Not really.. as every lead came in we reached out to them very quickly with call and text and email. In the last week we have gotten 2 responses (out of 15) and those 2 people both told us they never clicked on the ad or sent their info and that Facebook stole their info and created a fake lead. That would be weird, but when only 2 respond out of 15 and BOTH say the same thing, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going on.. please help me as I’ve googled everything for this and can’t find any forums or help online.. my email is jakeanthonycross@outlook.com. Thank you Wes, looking forward to hearing back!!!

  12. Hi Wes, thanks a lot for the tutorial it was very helpful, I do have a question, when choosing the dynamic ads, do you have a way to know which specific ad configuration was the one with more ctr?? I will appreciate your response! Greetings from México!


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