Cheating! ► Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition – Cheat Codes


Bonus one! “i don’t exist” gets you the Penguin unit! Age of Empires II has a new Definitive Edition and it’s time to check out the new graphics and gameplay! This times it’s just going over the cheats and cheating in the game, let’s have a look at how the secret units look in DE. [Early access was provided] Support the channel by buying the game using this link:

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  1. in the joan of arc campaign mission 2 will you get to controll orleans if you controll gaia? That would be cool since you get to controll orleans without joan of arc

  2. Hi, I just downloaded from Spain "AGE OF EMPIRES II DEFINITIVE EDITION" and I see your video explaining and remembering the keys to have more wood, gold, stone, etc. and it really doesn't work for me when I select a standard game, because the other one option that gives me is multiplayer. you really would appreciate your help with this issue. thanks

  3. torpedo no longer works in Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition !!! At least in multiplayer against AI. Disappointing as this would allow you to kill an AI player that was too close or in the wrong position on the map.

  4. I knew these cheat codes when I was 10 and now I still remember them, I was too dumb to play the game normally

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