A4305 Game Player: System Review


A review of the A4305 Game Player, handheld games console from China.
You’ll find them all over ebay, but are they worth bothering with? Watch and learn.

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  1. yo im trying to listen to what you're saying but all I can hear is you smacking your tongue off the roof of your mouth its incredibly unprofessional

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  3. I buy this game few days ago and now something went wrong when I start playing any games on this it's displays get dim light and light up and the game stopped working I have to shut down and restart it again what should I do now please help me I can't afford to lose it

  4. Vob is the video codec for DVDs and dat is likewise for the old video-cd format, so if it CAN play those I suppose those claims on the box are true. You would just have to play them from an SD card, not a disc.

    Ah yes, Konami Krazy Racers! A little wave of nostalgia hit me there, it was the first GBA game I bought on the day the GBA was released. The frame rate is definitely wonky here, the original was pretty slick. Shame you fast-forwarded through the theme tune though,That would have taken me right back!

  5. Just fyi, 64 bit games is not n64. 64 bit games means the opcode and operands are designed for 64bit processors.

  6. What do u expect for 20$. Shit if it turns on its a deal. Its great for young children, not a huge deal if it gets damaged.

  7. You can thank Nintendo for that d-pad — they registered the d.apad as their own — so everyone else had to make their own


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