Warcraft III Cheats


Just a video i made of how to do some of the warcraft III cheats and how they work.

Nguồn: https://dangcapso.vn/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://dangcapso.vn/tong-hop/


  1. I, EvaX, humbly submit a toast to Nicholas Alexander for successfully managing to pirate Warcraft III, so that he may play Defense of The Ancients. Congratulations, Nick. Enjoy your DOTA. (Pffzt) Ahhhh.

  2. Oh God
    Look at dis

    Gives you gold and lumber bois
    9 total of numbers there if u didn't add number
    Won't wlrk

  3. i don't care about that cheats i am pro but really proo! legend at that game i don't need that cheats ew i am the best

  4. Really awesome cheats but when I use 'Warpten' it also enables the instant buildings and units for my enemy while I just want it to be available for me. How can I fix this?.

  5. There is a forbidden cheat too. Note:only work at campaign this is it (ready to arms) gets unlimited footman ITS CRAZY IT WILL CRUSH YOU COMPUTER


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