TREATMENT BLACKHEADS FOR girls with severe pimples (48) | Loan Nguyen


Hello friends. Today I treat acne for this girl with severe acne. pity for her. This is her first visit.Please like and comment the video. thank you
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  1. This past November 15, I opened campus 2. That is my second brainchild

    The road ahead is still very long

    Hope my work is convenient to share lots of quality videos for you to watch

    Please like and share to support me

    thank you

  2. you should be ashamed of yourself for not fully extracting these pores. These spots will be come raging in a few days. You need to do a better job.

  3. Me gusta muchísimo ver los videos de cravos e espinhas.
    Pero esta muy mal gravado
    Porf hagalo un trabajo mejor.
    Para nosotros que asistimos.

  4. what's the point of doing anything if you are not going to clean the whole pore out?? It's amazing what can happen when you actually squeeze the pore

  5. Please empty the pore completely. Why would you let your clients leave without making sure each pore you opened and bled, is completely emptied of all the gunk in its contents?

  6. I like watching your videos but could you please empty each pore properly and please please please stop wiping the contents of the pops on your gloves, please 🌻

  7. This person does not like to squeeze at all! Theres so much more left in there and so much infection that needs to come out. I hope she does some sort of extraction (like huongs bamboo extraction) afterwards…

  8. Congratulations on a wonderful business that changes the lives of the people who come to you for help with potentially disfiguring and painful problems. You make such a difference!

  9. If you can't extract a single blackhead completely, how do you dare treating severe acne? Be more thorough, miss

  10. If the pore isn't empty, it cannot heal. There were quite a few that clearly didn't get cleaned out…. 🙁

  11. I like how you gently clean up one location before you go to the next instead of jumping all over the place and missing acne and blackheads along the way. Good work!

  12. Those chicks with cystic acne don’t need someone sticking needles into their skin, they need to learn the fundamentals of skin care first and foremost, which involves using the correct cleanser. And then they need to visit a doctor. They may need an antibiotic of some kind. However, I believe it could be cured naturally with correct diet, and prescription of certain vitamins.

  13. Am I losing my mind, but why would you place your clients on tables, side by side in one big room ? There’s no privacy at all. She should rig up some privacy curtains at the very least. Weird !!

  14. Glad this young lady is treating her skin! All the best to her!

    ….. 🇨🇦 🍁Canada Loves You🍁🇨🇦 Loan Nguyen! ❤️❤️

  15. Im not sure of the technique here, there seems to be a lot of pus/oil left behind after extraction. Also, perhaps some antibiotic creme afterwards may help in the healing/scarring process. I am not sure why you do not fully extract all pore contents prior to moving on to new removals on the face. Doesn't make sense. Cannot you not see the oil/pus still below the surface and on the rim of the opening you have made with the needle?

  16. Do you go back, off camera and clear out the pores you just remove the cover from? We can all see the gunk sitting in the pore before you attempt to hide it with your thumb. I hope for your clients healing that you do. It leaves us very unsatisfied with your quality of services these days.


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