NHL 20 Playoffs Round 2 Game 5s Take 2


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  1. "Beware of Appleton" may be my favorite moment from one of these livestreams yet. I havent gotten to the "Keep pounding" part yet

  2. Keep Pounding is the slogan for Carolina because of a beloved player Sam Mills who said that in a passionate speech. Sam Mills was a coach at the time of the speech and it was after both Sam Mills and the team figured out he had cancer. The speech happened before Carolina's first playoff game in the amazing underdog run they had in 2003. Mills' is quoted saying "When I found out I had cancer, there were two things could do: quit or keep pounding. I'm a fighter. I kept pounding. You're fighters, too. Keep pounding!"

  3. Thanks for the video and seeing Yvonne laughing so hard about Carolina Panthers neck line jersey that says keep pounding was hilarious.

  4. I was at a Carolina Panthers football game a few years ago. And at times during the game the fans would chant "keep pounding" The Panthers beat the Falcons 38-0. Me and my friends were sitting at the top of the stadium. After the game ended this big fat guy chanted "keep pounding" from the top of the stadium all the way until we walked down to the bottom.

  5. Down 1 with less than 2 to go on an offensive zone draw and the Flyers put out the 4th line and don't pull the goalie. Great decision making there virtual AV!


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