MY SON HOI AN JEEP ADVENTURES | UNESCO Sanctuary Temple Tour | Vietnam Travel Vlog 077, 2017


BEST Hoi An tour 2017! My Son Sanctuary is a UNESCO site in Hoi An, central Vietnam. mỹ sơn Sanctuary is a holyland made up of temples and ruins with an incredible story to be told behind it’s history – it made for a great travel vlog.

Hoi An Jeep Adventures was the greatest company to visit My Son with, it was literally the best Hoi An Tour we did after spending 3 months in Vietnam! They offer all sorts of Central Vietnam Tour options with jeeps, take a look here to see them all: or flick them an email for custom tours:

In this travel vlog, from October 2017, we rode along with Hoi An Jeep Adventures on the half day My Son Explorer tour in the coolest war Jeep! Hoi An to My Son is less than an hour but the tour stops off at a few local stops to give you a feel for the local life in Vietnam. Seeing various temple styles and seeing the ruins was great with an informative guide, Tony, which added a lot of context to the story and why/how it is a UNESCO heritage site.

If you’re planning a visit, we can’t recommend the Central Vietnam My Son Tour enough!

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  1. We've got 27 videos from Vietnam, mostly around Hoi An and Da Nang, check them all out here:
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  2. Thanks for another great informative video..we will look Tony up when we are there for 3 months come Nov 2019. 🇨🇦

  3. It is funny thing that before 1975, Vietcong had destroyed My Son, then from 1975-1995 they abandoned My Son, and now they are using for tourism.

  4. It’s a traumatic side of war. A great civilization like Champa was completely demolished in the Vietnam map, and their heritage has turned into ruins. My Son sanctuary was probably named Sri Bhadresvara in the past which was dedicated to Shiva and Champa kings. Angkor Wat was built nearly 200 years after Sri Bhadresvara Temple in My Son. Thank you for your informative video mate!

  5. Night time army gun helicopters fire 50 caliber random over the mountain landscape so much Firepower coming down was horrible I was on the other side of that Horn Mountain .
    I wish I could go back there only came within 2 kilometers of the place never seen it in real life.
    the war was very heartbreaking for me. USMC 2/11

  6. Your guide,"Tony", speaks such good English, is that common? They drive on the right side of the road (USA) and seem fine with US dollars and no 25k BHT visa fee…I need to give Viet Nam a better look….it's hard to accept the cultural, physical, and human tragedy the unnecessary VN war has left…Thanks for sharing Viet Nam with us.

  7. Great video, guys and awesome camera work! Yes, having a personal guide is definitely worthwhile – keep up the great work! 🙂

  8. Some great shots here, that jeep looked sick as well. Will be looking to support you guys soon, I can see you both steadily growing, no doubt you'll have a large audience soon. Keep it up, your actually the only channel from which I watch all of the content as it drops currently!

  9. I got back from Vietnam not too long ago and also went to central VN. I posted a vlog as well, but this video makes me miss it so much!! Thank you for sharing. I loved the video!

  10. This was an absolutely amazing video!! The drone footage was siiick! Mean jeeps, we will have to go back to My Son in one of those! Looking forward to the next vlog!

  11. nice vlog. I liked the ending "catch you in the comments" and "chat you in the comments" Those are good outtro phrases. Definitely should keep them.

  12. Tell them they will have another booking in March. Looked too cool to miss. Loving the adventure. Can’t wait to get there.

  13. Beautiful video and very informative. I didn’t know about My Son. When I first saw the title of your vlog, I kept thinking, what! You guys have a son joining you on the trip!?! Hahaha.. 😁 excellent drone footage as you’re riding in the Jeep. 😁✌🏽


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