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Loan Nguyen Acne Treatment specializes in posting videos about getting the biggest, most poisonous and acne-prone acne for you who like to watch squeezing acne
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  1. I would expect ana acne treatment video to start at the beginning not with both gloves already full of blackheads. It's very unprofessional. Also, it is really gross to put all the blackheads on the gloves as well as unhygienic. I know some viewers like it, but it really turns me off (and my whole family, male and female. It is done all over, I know but it still doesn't make it right. I mean why ARE pimple poppers using gloves in the first place, right?

  2. Im sure no client wants to be walking out of having this "treatment" done , into the streets to work or school etc. & have blackheads stuck to their shirts and stuck in their hair . It'd be nice if u could take a min. Ta WASH the skin off , and change the gloves as well as taking the time to keep ur client clean. Its a messy job , i get that. There's always room 4 improvement , no?
    Good luck for the future.👍

  3. I must say, if the man is just a man & NOT and not a Dr., I'd sure as heck hope his work isn't in a court of Law!! He scares you just listening to him. He is like an old bull! Don't try to change his mind, b'cuz he will change it right back in two looks & wag of his tail!! And that is the friendly side of him.

    The man could be a black-belt in Karate, but by damn, I'd hate to be caught in an accidental mis-statement. Sharp as all get out — These folks still do the news like it was done during the "Walter Cronkite-STYLE" News. I mean that with the greatest respect. If only the 90% of truth in reporting is done so by less than a few in the same News Program. You all know who you are!! With the garbage that has been laid at the man's feet, every last one of the News Programs that you see on the air today should be considered TREASONOUS!!

  4. I just wish a little harder squeeze could be use to extract the whole lesion. It's like watching the tip of the iceberg pop out knowing there's another section just below. Ever so often you'll see it occur. I know that most of them could be fully erupted.

  5. I loved this in the beginning, you popped it all. Now your skirting around the big ones and not popping them on screen. Please don't disappoint me.

  6. Please, please stop using your gloves to collect the sebum. It is disgusting, dirty and unprofessional. 👎👎👎

  7. just letting you know, there’s a youtube channel called “Dr. Marinda Acne treatment” that is stealing your videos and claiming them as yours. please report them.

  8. Very good job on the extractions. The technique you use is even starting to grow on me. I must say, this is an unimaginable amount of debris to come out of one face. Its unreal! At any rate, thanks for sharing and I hope this patient does well .

  9. You need to do a facial scrub first to get rid of all that dead skin!!!!!!! Are you crazy!!!! Scrub first a must!!!!

  10. There must be a large population probably the Asians that really enjoy seeing the extracted contents on the glove. It really doesn't make sense that she starts a video with the gloves this fully loaded. Loan tends to especially load up the fingers that we can see. In this video they're so full that they're literally interfering with her squeezing. It absolutely has to be for the benefit of the viewer. Otherwise why would she not just wipe the gloves off. I'd love to get a straight answer as to the purpose of this. I used to think it was for Speed and I think that may have originally been part of it. I also think that there is an Asian YouTube and that's why we see all American or English speaking people in the comment section. If anyone reads this that knows exactly why they allow the gloves to get this full please let me know as you can tell I'm very curious.

  11. Great Video! I only watch your Videos that were made before September 23. After that you changed…not a good move.

  12. I would love to hear your victims screams of joy after you finish with a alcohol rub over all the bloody scabs


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