How to: Avoid and remove Facebook malware


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Find out how you can avoid spamming your friends or infecting your computer by tightening your Facebook security.


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  1. all good stuff but have tried to log into FB and cant says old password not working and cant get past password change and am getting a brief message which disappears and returns me to log on page, I filmed it and its a message from fb about malware (seen from the film I made and froze on the message) Can you sort this out without being able to log on?

  2. this helped to me ! download AVG AntiVirus free and 360 total security !
    i got already downloaded them both when my father game this laptop to me so its a lot faster because i dont need to dowload it! this helps promise !! i just want to help you guys! cuz i know how sad it is! then when you finish downloading scan now then your free to virus now! 🙂 hope this helped!

  3. i get a malware warning and i can not login. i would show u the screen shot. but i dont know how to show it here ! 🙁


  4. my fb. account was affected by malware due to these reason I didn't enter to my face book account what shall I do?   

  5. Scam virus is sending out those virus to people on my friendlist using message on facebook, help me get out it ?

  6. every time i use facebook, people spam me with a video or a picture, but i told them it is a spam and my Norton anti-virus alerts me of scam websites


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