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  1. Tranquility to the T! Immersed watching, over relaxing and food!
    How am I going to drag myself out of bed tomorrow for work?
    100% owned/partnership.
    Love ❤️

  2. Nice video, this resort is located at Ha My beach (belongs to Vietnam) but why do they keep saying that this is one of the famous China beach 😡😡😡

  3. Watching this in June 2020 has a different meaning – first my big thanks for this video, which reminds me of the good times of travelling in SE Asia and it would be some years before we could go again – without wearing a mask! On the hotel, here's my views: Generally great but not spectacular. 1) I don't like the raised platform in the room, too easy to get into an accident (I had one at Shangri La at Kota Kinabalu Malaysia as I wasn't aware of the step in the dark, missed my steps and twisted my ankle when I went to the bathroom at midnight!); 2) It's an open plan so cannot be called One Bedroom (in hotel language that "one bedroom" implies a hefty cost up! 3) the back "garden" view is terrible, looking very bare and NO PRIVACY! 4) the breakfast looks all too familiar – meaning it's good but VERY ORDINARY – you get very similar stuff from hotels 1/3 the price of this! 5) lunch and dinner seem very nice and live up to Four Seasons standard 6) a tropical 6 star resort without a private pool?? I can't imagine a Four Season guest sharing a communal pool with the other guests!! So all in all it's great but NOT WORTH the money. In fact I've had a bad experience at Bali Four Season where the staff at the main restaurants just weren't very warm or friendly. I noticed they had tons of Mainland Chinese customers who were not civilised as we all know, and that's probably the reason.

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  5. The lucky male companion/boyfriend of the doctor's videos is the unsung & kept hero in all these luxury endeavors..kudos to you two for being so classy & discreet!

  6. Thank you for sharing. As always, you did a great job. Concerning the resort, as much as I love the interieur of the villas and the way they payed attention to vietnamese housing culture, that much I dislike all the public areas. The whole architecture is so Versailles-ish with its hard, cutting angles. Starting from that grey sink at the reception having no purpose but to be looked at, taking away space for cooling trees or other, more natural things i would prefered to the whole pool area etc. All of it server the purpose to cut this harsh view line to the sea and I personally think this sort of architecture is dated for a few centuries now and also does not fit into an enviroment like Vietnam. Such a shame and disrespect, wrong architect for sure.

  7. Perfection, Maestro!! ….. sheer perfection. From the camera work, to the music, to the most beautiful pools, to the spa….. Ahhhhh…… Vietnam…. I should like to visit you one day….
    Thank you, LTE. You are an artist.

  8. Heaven
    My favorite FS is The Nam Hai and Kho-Samui
    Nam Hai so beautiful like the Moon
    Kho-Samui is so great like the sun
    We are back and forth between the moon and sun

  9. You are so used to luxury…eggs Benedict…..burgers… to see more than that. You are so blessed to be there and you can order those items anywhere. I am jealous that I can't enjoy the diversity of food for you.

  10. This hotel is my favorite.I have been there 3times.Nam Hai is paradise for me.Thank you for making good movies on YouTube all the time.

  11. When I was last in VietNam 8 people were living in one room with no water, rats and a moped in the corner. They were the lucky ones…..


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