Cheat Codes in AoE2


Full list of cheats (including expansions) below. I expand on them in the video, as well.

1:06 !mute – mute taunt audio
1:06 !nomute – remove taunt audio mute
1:10 lumberjack – 1000 wood (10,000 in AoE2 HD)
1:10 cheese steak jimmy’s – 1000 food (10,000 in AoE2 HD)
1:10 robin hood – 1000 gold (10,000 in AoE2 HD)
1:10 rock on – 1000 stone (10,000 in AoE2 HD)
1:44 marco – reveal map
1:44 polo – remove fog of war
1:56 aegis – instantaneous building, researching, collection, creation
2:14 torpedo# – remove target player
2:33 black death – destroy everything
2:52 i r winner – automatically win
3:02 resign
3:04 wimpywimpywimpy – resign by destroying all of your units/buildings
3:14 natural wonders – control gaia units (animals)
3:32 woof woof – turns birds into dogs
3:58 to smithereens – saboteur unit
4:19 i love the monkey head – VMDL unit
4:39 furious the monkey boy – monkey unit
4:58 how do you turn this on – Shelby cobra with machine guns
5:18 rowshep, ninjalui, ninjaconor – ANY of those 3 give you 100,000 of all resources
5:30 i don’t exist – penguin unit
5:38 alpaca simulator – alpaca unit



Full intro song:

Background music from Epidemic Sound:

Game: Age of Empires 2 HD with Forgotten Empires and African Kingdom expansions


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  1. Hi,

    but what are the benefits of cheating? In AoE II Definitive Edition all success in cheating games will not be counted. Or is there any trick I don't know?

  2. I remember that the VDML created by using cheat code "I love the monkey head" used to be attacked by wolves and turn into female villager instantly if he loactes himself close to a wolf or a Jaguar.

  3. Hey, I don't know if you've seen this, but if you unlock 21st century achievement in AOE1 DE, you can get photon man code unlocked for free


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